Friday, January 1, 2010

best in jazz of 2009... catching up with Curt's help and the Sound of Market Street in Philadelphia

My sister was asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I said, "jazz, " but I wasn't getting around to sending her anything more specific. That is when my friend, Curt, stepped in with a wonderful blogpost which showed me how amazingly far I was out of the loop. So I sent her the link and waited. Christmas day came without any CD's. So much with being curious, now with extra cash I was in charge of choosing. Then Curt put out a second list at his blog, which made choosing twice as hard.

Mosaic Woman had to go to the big city, so I googled "jazz CD philly" and found a place at 15 S 11th street. I made a list of 6 CD's and headed into the city...

well one was already on my list for a few months and they had it... Roy Hargrove's Big Band ... Emergence
Only one of the other 6 was found ... Sharel Cassity ... Relentless

OK, then I had to chose a Wayne... They did not have Wayne Wallace's 2009 CD, but we have been loving his The Nature of the Beat
Same with Bobby Broom, CD's to pick, but none from 2009. Again I am happy with what I came home with Song and Dance.

Nothing was to be found by hammond B3 player, Akiko Tsuruga or jazz singer Elli Fordyce. I downloaded Elli's Songs Spun in Gold and it became the last CD bought and listened to in 2009, as Mosaic Woman and I went one last time into our studios.

OK, so here it is 2010 and I am still helplessly behind. But that is OK. I will sit back and listen to what Curt has to play ... old and new.

and here is the one on the list I already had...



  1. These days it seems that the internet is the best place to get music that isn't mainstream.

  2. Sunna--- I have been getting some good advice about another place in Philly to check out, but yes, the internet is easier... I'm a bit old fashioned and like CD's, but have bought some on-line


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