Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jazz on Tuesday... for Cate's Adventure

Mosaic Woman just called to say she is heading home with her sister and everything her sister is taking with her on an amazing adventure, for tomorrow she is moving to South Africa.

So tonight she is going to spend her last night in Pennsylvania at our place and I am quite happy that she will be the first person to sleep under the only quilt top I ever put together. A friend quilted it and got this for saving the top from a dresser drawer.

As I sit here there is jazz playing from our stereo, and by no mistake it is jazz from South Africa. So for Cate and all who venture out into adventures>>>


  1. Wow Wayne! Nice job on the piecing, and should I be surprised that the blue that you picked for the border looks like glass? The only South African group that I am familiar with is Ladysmith Black Mambazo, but they're not what one would call jazz...I enjoy them a great deal them anyway.

  2. Ah, so that's why your garden looks as neglected--er, good--as mine! You've been busy with the quilt piecing. ;-) Nice work!

  3. thanks for the tunes this afternoon - quite a lovely way to 'recover' from writing out checks for bills :)

  4. Valerie--- all fabric chosen was guided by a wonderful woman at a quilt shop, which sadly just closed its door... sometimes I wished I had stayed with quilts and not gotten into glass, but only so much a Renaissance man can find to do.

    Blackswamp Girl--- get real, my backyard got weed-whacked a few times and the quilt was pieced a few years ago.

    Deb--- anytime!

  5. Wayne, you're way ahead of me, then! I should show some of my REALLY bad garden areas on the blog (they're all in the backyard) but, frankly, I am ashamed. :-/


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