Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crafting on Thursdays- Stratozpheric suncatcher from scraps

There are folk, who work with stained glass, who make mosaics from their scraps. Well in a way, I just made this:

from scraps of a mosaic project.

I decided to make a second Stratozpheric mosaic mandala (first one). So I cut out nearly 100 pieces of glass:

Then I designed a border and cut out some Youghiogheny glass and started the mosaic:

The mosaic is nearly finished. I grouted it over the weekend and it is flawed. Not ugly, but flawed to the point that I would feel uncomfortable selling it. So I will eventually hang it in our house and I will make another one to sell. But when the grouting was over, I still had a pile of "scraps" so I just took them and made a starflower much as I would doodle a design; knowing what I wanted to make, but a bit unsure of where exactly I was headed. I then soldered it into a whole and this afternoon I placed it into our ETSY shop.

What do you think? I hope to make more scrappy starflowers.


  1. i think scrappy starflowers are spiffy :)

  2. Thanks Deb. I got a huge affirmation this weekend about my glass work.

  3. Love it. Bears a striking and colorful resemblence to snowflakes! I hope you'll show us the "flawed" one. I don't think you are capable of producing something that isn't beautiful.

  4. Snowcatcher--- I've got little problem with design or colors, but it is the grout that got under the translucent pieces that makes me not want to have it next to the rest of our craft. Photos will arrive at some point, maybe ;')


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