Friday, February 11, 2011

Fridays in PA---- East Branch of the Monocacy Creek

Back in the Day, Christmas time 1994

Every Wednesday I am to send an e-mail to the four people who are in my spirit group (see here). The first week I turned to a long favorite quote by Buechner. The second week I turned to a verse of scripture that jumped out at me a few days earlier. But, I had no plan and Wednesday was slipping away, so I grabbed Annie Dillard's A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and found this:

"My God. I look at the Creek"

By 1994 Mosaic Woman and I had ventured through our years in Massachusetts and Oregon. We were living in Illinois and came home to Pennsylvania for Christmas. I took my young nephew for a walk that I had made often as a teenager. We ended up at the East Branch of the Monocacy Creek. I love flowing water.

We need to keep in touch with what we love and over the years I have visited many a place where water runs. My visits these days are too far apart.

I made a list of hopes for 2011. Let me add another. I want to stand and look down at light bouncing off dancing water molecules and say:

"My God. I look at the Creek"


  1. I love Annie Dillard. God. Water. Light.

  2. I, too, love Annie Dillard from almost any perspective she writes. Buechner is just as good, though, in his approach to things. The connection, I suppost, is in a heart seeking Him and can be found by a creek, on a hillside, in a book, talking with a friend....

  3. Michelle and Jim--- thanks for the visit. I hope some of my newer blog friends stick around for the ride like you have.

  4. Love the quote and Annie Dillard, too. Wonderful feel!


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