Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tectonics part 2

Yesterday I spoke of tectonics.

I would love to say that the inner temperature of the Earth is constant which has created perfectly flowing convection currents which cause frictionless movement of perfectly delineated plates which cause no death or destruction when they move.

that ain't where we live. Peace to all those who had to deal with what can be quite a catastrophic planet.

This morning my students and I watched a news video of the minister of this church, who was hoping and praying but sadly doubting that no people would be found under the spire which is pictured above and was now in rubble on a street in New Zealand.


  1. It is striking how often earthquakes occur. Last year, I taught tectonics and earthquakes to my 7th-grade students between Haiti and Chile. They ware not impressed. If it didn't happen in the lunchroom, it probably wasn't important. They were younger than your students so hopefully your students will be more interested!

  2. I love how you bring current events into your classroom. I would have been moved, even as a teenager or child. I, too, have the New Zealanders in my prayers...

  3. Kathryn and Snowcatcher --- I would say my students for the most part show interest in my out of text stories


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