Sunday, May 15, 2011

7 for the weekend--- New Things

1. A new flower. The other night after walking under the most amazing wisteria at Rhoads Gardens to get a lilac for our garden, Mosaic Woman searched the annuals for home, while I searched for work. Lantana 'Radiation' is now brightening our front yard.

47  283/365  a Nutmeg Design twist

2. A client of ours decided her house needed a third mandala, and this time she chose one of mine. The only problem, it was for the outside of her house so I needed to make a new concrete crab mandala . I had the orange pieces cut, ground and glued; when I wanted to do something different. The idea of all the flat plain black glass bored me, so Mosaic Woman contacted the client and with some blue Youghiogheny glass it became an Illini crab mandala.

3. Yesterday we had a business meeting at home which extended to the West Main Diner (where they make a fine Greek omelet; and are still friendly even when their computer system crashes in the midst of a full restaurant). As soon as I got home I grabbed the user name, Nutmeg Designs, at You Tube and later in the day posted our first video. I have ideas for plenty that won't be animated, but Einstein may also have more to say in the future...

4. New Jazz...

5. New directions in energy. While Marcellus Shale made for an interesting story, it was one of those gloomy environmental ones as it ended. So we turned to global warming, but with the twist of looking at solutions not just all the news that would leave my students more distressed about their future. Nova, Power Surge has been playing all week in my classroom as we slowly make our way through hope for the future.

6. There is a new stained glass butterfly in this world, but since the client hasn't seen it, you will have to wait till later.

7. New pieces to fix our broken tent frame arrived this week. Guess what I am doing this afternoon.

47  279/365  a big wind can topple a tent


  1. Lantana flowers are so colorful!

    That's a fascinating NOVA program--and it does offer some hope for energy and the future.

  2. I love lantana, but haven't seen that one. ADORE the dark blue behind the orange in that new mandala--glad that the client let the artist have his way on that one. :)

  3. Golden Eagle--- I think there is lots to be concerned about and lots of hope, and that is the message I want my students to hear.

    Blackswamp Girl--- I am hoping the lantana flourishes, well why wouldn't I. Glad you (and the client) liked the mandala as I desired it to be.

  4. Love the orange flowers. A new tent is sitting my garage at the moment - I resisted it until I caved, now I long for the mountains...

  5. Terresa--- I was speaking of a easy up tent we use at craft shows, but you did remind me of some great times camping in tents. May the mountains be with you soon.

  6. I've been wanting to ask for a while if you could do a mandala (or lizard...) on concrete because the one-time iris mosaic stepping stone that came with our house has a big icky concrete spot on the center where the mosaic apparently was crushed and long lost. But I kept thinking it would cost a fortune to ship concrete... I really like your mandala, so maybe I should give this some serious thought!

  7. Snowcatcher--- thanks for liking my crab nebula mosaic and for considering us doing a project for you. I could design an amazing lizard suncatcher on your command ;')

  8. I adore Gretchen Parlato...she is simply exquisite! :)

  9. Camille--- I am glad I discovered her music. I agree with you.


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