Saturday, May 21, 2011

faithfulness 1: even Wayne wears a wedding ring

A few years back we were gathered with friend and one husband in the room was being harassed for not wearing a wedding ring, at which point a friend said, "Even Wayne wears a wedding ring." It has become a running joke in my head. But truth be told I am not much for adornments, pony tail withstanding.

I had never wore a ring before our wedding day in 1992 and for years it stayed with me day in and day out. And slowly my finger grew a bit fatter.

It got to the point where it had to come off and so one night I provided the needed force, and for a year and a bit the indentation in my finger faded.

At a spring show I walked by the friendly folk, who are Purple Gem Jewelry, I remembered that 12 months earlier I had decided they would be the ones to make my new ring. And they did! So, yes once again, even I wear a wedding ring. And let it be all about how the spirit creates the fruit of faithfulness.


  1. Glad that my words rattle around in your head...

  2. Robin and Valerie--- glad you like my taste in rings and faith.

    msklem--- me too!

  3. My ring vanished, to reappear like a miracle...

    The outward sign of the seals set up our hearts...

  4. Michelle--- I am liking both of those statements

  5. It's gorgeous, and masculine even while it is intricate.

  6. Ruth--- I am proud in so many ways to have it on my finger

  7. This is so well-timed because we both end up taking off our rings through most of cycling season. Our fingers shrink, and we lose our rings without even knowing they fell off. So as I write, I'm ringless, having pedaled this morning. And I'm contemplating your words in the midst of so much news of unfaithfulness...

  8. Snowcatcher--- so you are saying that if I had never given up cycling my old ring would have slipped off easily

  9. The ring is a symbol of your bond. Even if you spend your life after marriage not wearing it, the strength of your bond with each other is still there. Although it doesn't depend fully on the rings, they still give the aura that you two are inseparable.


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