Thursday, July 21, 2011

if I could have predicted...

47  354/365  wisdom brings some of this

  1. if I had known that our life would be filled with commissions...
  2. if I had known heat would sideline my horticulture classes: 11/12 afternoons and several mornings so far this summer.

Maybe I would have taken the summer off. I had contemplated it, but was drawn in by a desire to be in the garden with the students, after all had we not created it together this past spring.

Self-Control is the 6th of the fruits of the spirit we have taken on this summer. Tonight Mosaic Woman and I glued it down and now she will have the pleasure of creating a 36 inch mosaic as she swirls about the letters.

We will take a short break to take on a house number sign which will include a last name (first time!) which will celebrate a man, who comes from Scottish and Irish ancestors by using the colors of those flags.

Then I will take on making my first stained glass stepping stone. I got my pattern photo copied today and this weekend we will take a drive to get some needed glass for this project and the house number project.

And it appears another commission has come our way, which I will start once we finish off the fruits of the spirit. We are left with Goodness, Love, and Joy.


  1. I am thankful that you are left with Goodness, Love, and Joy. Those are wonderful qualities to be left with :^)

  2. Valerie---- hmmm, maybe we should stop this project, because in August I will be left with nothing ;')


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