Monday, January 20, 2014

Eating Out in Lansdale: A Seafood Shout Out to Shellfish Sue

Shellfish Sue
Lansdale PA

It seems most of our eating out these days can be done within walking distance. Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese, ... see my top ten list.

So we often walk by a new place coming into being and ponder what it will be like. A new Greek place is opening soon. So for months we walked by a place that promised to bring seafood dining to within walking distance. And when it finally opened we stopped in and have been back a few times since then to be greeted warmly by the owner and treated to an excellent meal. 

So this is to say that I am glad it came to Lansdale even if I have a hard time saying their name. Would love if this place prospers. [Sadly they closed after a couple delicious years.]


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