Friday, January 3, 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas Shout Outs:The Buddha in The Garden of Nutmeg Designs for day ten

This morning, the sun came out. Mosaic Woman looked out her studio window and called for me to check out our Buddha. Eventually I got out for a photo; it was not for the first time. Years ago I cleaned up a section of the garden and celebrated that moment in time. Those azaleas failed to thrive.

Now a lilac and a butterfly bush are having there moments in that space. The roses are still here. This summer when I began to call our rather small estate, the garden of Nutmeg Designs, I caught the Buddha in this moment in time.

No Nutmeg Designs did not exist when we moved here, but we did finally break down and buy a home in order for Margaret to have the space to become Mosaic Woman. I also desired a space to create my own garden and have a studio of my own. As new home owners we went off and bought ourselves an unfinished concrete Buddha, and Mosaic Woman spruced it up. Our Buddha has seen many a moment.

Last night inside our house I was unsettled. Snow does that to me, possibly more than anything outside of health scares. Outside snow was settling on the Buddha, inside I needed to be OK with uncertainty.



  1. just think...only 74 more days until spring.

    1. Nance ~> can't wait to welcome back my garden from its time of rest.


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