Sunday, January 5, 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas Shout Outs: Dianne Reeves, Jo Stafford, andTed Rosenthal for day twelve

I love Holiday music and as I put this post together, I am for the last time listening to our rather eclectic collection till the day after Thanksgiving 2014. I start slow. This year I started with a mix that was only 20% Christmas with the rest being random jazz tunes from our collection.
But this is it. Next year the following artists will be part of the larger mix, having bought their Christmas CD's after I set my iPod up for the season. I could not find a tune from the holiday collection by the Ted Rosenthal, so I went for a tune for my students, the poor buggers will be rising in what will truly seem like the wee small hours of the morning tomorrow. As an aware teacher, who may be a bit groggy himself (and coming down with a cold), I will be kind to them tomorrow and let them get acclimated to being students once again.
So here it is the final shout outs ~> 

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