Saturday, April 12, 2014

Doodling to jazz, an A To Z Challenge: K is for Jim Kuemmerle

One day while searching for a kickstarter project to support, we came across Jim Kuemmerle. His project was to speak the story of factory workers trapped in a fire. We were glad to support his successful project.




  1. This one is one of my favorites. You know, you've got me wanting to try this really bad now.

  2. Coming over from A-Z. As someone who likes music (jazz-yes!) and doing art too, this blog is a win-win for me.
    Your doodles...if you really want to call them that...are really grand! I love them music muses too.

    I am a follower now. Hey, join me on Monday's Music too...found on my blog!

  3. What a great cause, and I love how the doodle makes beauty from flame-like petals.


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