Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Doodling to jazz, an A To Z Challenge: P is for Nicki Parrott, Q is for Alvin Queen

Well, I snapped out of my jazz doodling lull last night with both P and Q doodled but not posted. Who knew I would fall behind while on a four day weekend? P is for Nicki Parrott a bass playing jazz singer.
Then came Q and off to the searching I went and found jazz drummer Alvin Queen. I had to go with pink and green after my recent trip to Longwood Gardens which had a pink and green thing going on in their conservatory.



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  1. I love the swirl of colors in the first one! I love kadiloscopes (hope I spelled it right). Your drawing makes me think of one. The second, I think of the pink tulips I saw the other day. I just love the colors you are using in all these. And the fun that each one looks like it was to draw....drawing with abandon! :-)


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