Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doodling to jazz, an A To Z Challenge: W is for Andrea Wolper and Y & Xis for Renee Yoxon

Andrea Wolper was chosen over a possible double W, and a Wayne at that, but Wayne Wallace did not wow me at my self-imposed jazz concert this past summer. Greens for this lovely emerging spring. 

The next jazz singer, besides delighting my spirit, has something in common with Andrea Wolper. I met them both on twitter. Renee Yoxon also has a y and an x in her last name, but I didn't cheat, in fact I drew two rainbow doodles while listening to her sing.


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  1. Wow the green one has a lot of movement to it! A very lively green :-) I like the last one too. It makes me think of fire flames and of a thunderstorm too. I like how what would be a contrast, like fire and water, you have balancing each other. I'm going to be sorta sad to see this series end.


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