Wednesday, July 22, 2015

a few nights in the studio with Vijay Iyer going solo

Vijay Iyer Solo CD cover with a jazz doodled bookmark for a friend's daughter

It was 2014 when Margaret and I walked into the Hatch Center in Rochester. It had become one of our favorite venues in no time at all. Solo jazz piano in a state of the art (acoustically magical) setting. Vijay Iyer was the local boy that evening and his family and friends were there in good number. We squeezed in and found two seats.

Vijay Iyer inspired design, funky view to get violet shine. Design, Craft, and Photo by Wayne Stratz

We had learned of his music in 2010 when Solo hit many a best of the year list. So we sat and waited. Joy.

I drew a few cards to hand out at one night while listening to Solo. As I drew I thought of a friend at work. I know her voice well, especially the sound of it at 3:00 when students are called to buses. But the voice is not there this summer, so I asked for her address

Vijay Iyer inspired design, view with Dogwood. Design, Craft, and Photo by Wayne Stratz

The next night, I played Solo and I took pencil (and lots of erasure) to paper. I wanted a new design. I started over on a new sheet and went on and on as the music flowed. Solo. And before the music ended I stopped. Pencil and erasure were dropped. 

Glass was chosen and all was set before I hit play. Then it became together through solder. But my time in the studio was not over. When chatting with my friend, a thought came upon me. Why not draw a bookmark for her daughter. So once again Vijay Iyer filled my studio.

Vijay Iyer inspired design, funky view with Blue Sky and Dogwood Tree. Design, Craft, and Photo by Wayne Stratz

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