Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A jazz doodle in pinks and grays: Anat Cohen, Claroscuro

a jazz doodle in pink, red and grays, created by Wayne Stratz while listening to Anat Cohen

The other night Anat Cohen's Claroscuro caught my eye while browsing through our jazz CD's, and off to the studio I went. As I listened, I thought it would make for some fine commuting music, and it did well today even when stopped by both a northbound and southbound train at the corner of Main and Broad in Lansdale. Truly a test of the quality of a good music commute. The first mile can be a doozy.

Drawing 50 cards or so while on retreat is a pace I can not keep up while at home/work, but hey, can I not send out a card from time to time. So I carried the CD back inside the house and this evening I took it back into the studio.

But who to draw a card for? So many possibilities. I was glancing through my contacts to get a name and address when I thought of a co-worker. She recently lost a cherished pet and she also recently graciously helped me out at work. 

Name chosen. Jazz playing. I needed color. Strangely pinks and grays gravitated to my hand when I reached into the bag of mixed prismacolors. Random choices lead you down paths. I started listening at track 9 and the beautiful closing tune, The Wedding composed by South African jazz master, Abdullah Ibrahim, was playing as I finished. Enjoy.

May this be at least a weekly activity.

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