Friday, April 11, 2008

forgiveness in the studio

some times you have to move on, and that means not blaming yourself or the design.

I committed myself to donating a stained glass to an fundraiser at work, spent lots of time drawing and erasing to come up with a design. Carefully chose glass, then was not exactly thrilled with the result...

those dark pieces are not black, but a very dark violet that seemed to let more light through before I started.

so off I went to draw a new design and in that mood came up with nothing I liked. Then I let the thought float up... the design is good try again, which I did...

Oh, the first piece will not be destroyed. I have made art for long enough to know that just because I don't like something I created, doesn't mean nobody will like it. I am pleased with the second piece.


  1. For me, I think, any kind of art work is but an expression of the soul that brought it forth. much as examining nature gives insight unto the Creator. In your work with glass, I see you; and then piece that together with the words that you write. I find, then, the one tinged with "black" no less of interest than the other. I like them equal, sir!

  2. Jim-- a question for you. If my gift to do art is from God, do you see God in my art? and thus you see God in what I see as my imperfections???

  3. I like the first one; to me it looks like a black lady liberty with a raised arm. Your question to Jim -- what I know is I want to see God in all of another, and that would be their imperfections. What I know is that is not what I usually do!

  4. anj-- thanks for stopping by. One thing I have learned over the years is that just because I don't like something I drew, doesn't mean the rest of the world will agree.


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