Friday, April 4, 2008

life with and w/o Mosaic woman

last weekend I am charged to find out something about the Metta Quintet. All I need to see is that Helen Sung is their piano player and the idea of driving an hour to hear jazz on a week night is perfectly logical. I walk back into Foy Hall from a bathroom break and stand in awe to Body and Soul, then return to my seat next to Mosaic Woman.

The Day before we had commuted together, it saves some gas and we don't mind each other's company so we try to do it once or twice a week. We brainstorm vacation plans all the way to Norristown, I wish her a good day and am off to work. I am planting pansies we started from seed....

I cheated and took this photo inside so I didn't have to get on the ground

standing outside watching students I am filled with joy. Meanwhile my assistant has another crew making fresh bread with our rosemary. How blessed am I?

I leave work to retrieve Mosaic woman.

By the time we get home we have changed directions and have decided to take separate vacations this year. This makes sense. She will go to Boston. I may go to Rochester.

Today we commute together again. At 1:30 I call her and say I have been asked to take food to a friend and colleague who has cancer. She, who only met him once years ago in a chance happening in a pizza place, says she will go with me. It becomes a date. For an hour we chat with my friend and his wife then we head to First Friday in Mount Airy. There are posters up that not only are stores open later, but John Swana has brought his quartet to play jazz. After dinner and some strolling, we listen to the man play. This was our third time...


  1. I love to read of the relationship that you and your wife enjoy. Beth and I will be married 44 years the 13th of this month and I can't imagine life without her. There is little we don't do together and, other than a few times when the Navy sent me out on duty for a month or so, we have never been separated, to my memory, for as much as a weekend, let alone separate vacations. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Just that it's beyond me where I would want to go by myself.....

  2. How utterly wonderful, confident, secure and loving that the two of you share so many joys together and yet enjoy your own private time and space apart.....

  3. It felt funny to go on vacation without the Scientist last week, but it worked out beautifully for both of us. That said, I'm like Jim, I think the longest we've ever been apart was a week and I can't think of too many places I'd want to go without having him along too.

    What a gorgeous pansy! Such a difference in climate--my pansies are fading and will be completely played out in another month. They bloom all winter here and don't mind our occasional light freezes, but they can't take our heat.

  4. a few years I went on a silent retreat, did not call home for 8 days. Now I call home to say good night when I do such things


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