Sunday, April 20, 2008

preparing for Har Zion

Mosaic woman got the two of us into an up coming craft fair at Har Zion Temple in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania. I have been trying to spend some time in the studio every night, while she has been spennding lots of time. This is the first juried show we have tried to get into and are excited. and busy. The craft fair happens May 4th-- 10am-6pm and May 5th 9am -3pm.

here is just a small sampling of her recent mosaics...

to see more check here or here


  1. I went to her flickr site -- wonderful! What kind of price range, or does she have a website with that kind of information?

  2. Never mind. I went to the second link and found what I was looking for. I happen to have a birthday this summer and will supply the link to interested parties.

  3. Giggles-- thanks, hope to see you Tuesday night

    GG-- glad you found your way


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