Saturday, April 5, 2008

not well known

few if anyone will tell you that I read things closely, especially memos and directions. So when I re-read the top of the sheet my spiritual director handed me on the last Thursday in March, I said hmmm.

"get set" I swear those words were not there.

I swear it said ... leap into Joy. It clearly had said ... expect to experience all of Easter this week.

Last Sunday, my minister said that it was a shame that we do not give the season of Easter the same attention that we give Lent. The book of common prayer does, but we don't come very night like we do during Holy Week. No Wednesday night services.

Just go to church and have a family gathering and Easter is over.

I was not feeling that. As I said a few posts back, I wasn't even ready for Easter when Easter came and I am far from being ready for it to be over. The disciples are in an emotional storm and the exercises have led me to be with them.

Having heard all this, my spiritual director tells me that I am fortunate. I have 5 more sheets to be handed. I take one and head back into Easter (I chose simple).


  1. Walking with Him in the power of His resurrection. Pardon my slip into 50's jargon, but: I dig it!


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