Sunday, May 4, 2008

crafting as adventure

On August 29, I got a comment on my blog letting me know that I was not the only person in the world that carried their own mug to the Jesuit Retreat Center in Wernersville, PA.
Eight months later, that blogger showed up to meet me and to buy a mosaic she had eyed here on my blog. She was the first and only friend who showed up today at the Har Zion Craft Show. Thanks, it was great meeting you. Mosaic Woman in glad one of her favorites is in your house.

To quote the Beatles... I am so tired....

Started preparing for Har Zion immediately after work on Friday stopped Saturday night at 11:30 when I was truly grateful that the Honda Fit I ordered in December showed up in Lansdale this week. We sank into bed last night feeling as if we had been packing for a move. Up at 4:40 this morning, 3.5 hours to set up the booth, 8 hours of hope to sell, hope to see friends, hope to eat Indian food on the way home, hope to pray tonight, hope that I always get good folk as neighbors at craft shows, hope to get some sleep...


  1. I'm betting the craft show is a bit of a church, in itself, indeed, a small community that, in the transition of doing business, get to know each other as well as meeting new faces; and, in the process, displaying and selling your work becomes, in essence, just a piece of the enjoyment...

  2. Now I can hear your voice and that of Mosaic Woman when I read the blog!

    You can tell Mosaic Woman that her piece in now hanging in my prayer space -- and it glows. I will post pictures when I've recovered from spending 10 of the last 30 hours on I-95 and 8 hours in a workshop. The latter was fun, the former not, but was the price to be paid!

    Glad that I was just the first of many friendly faces...

  3. Jim-- yes, and after years of going to craft shows, it is a bit strange to be on the other side. I am sure there have been many a crafter who saw me as a person who almost bought something

    Michelle-- reflecting on the experience I would say it was a strange place to meet. Wernersville would have been strange too-- spend a week in silence with a new friend


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