Monday, May 26, 2008

more thoughts on my job

most proud--

The garden, because it shows the effort, care, and commitment that the students have exhibited over the last nine years. I am proud that my love for gardening and cooking has come together with the students and thus flow into them. I never could have imagined growing lavender from seed, drying the flowers, or making sachets ten years ago. But how amazing is it that I have students who have developed a love for brownies with lavender. Then there is the student, who is all excited about growing his own melons at his home this summer, and he is doing it from seed.

I remember the student who shined in horticulture and I recommended for working off campus. However, he was so nervous he would not go to IKEA. I was asked to go with him to relieve his anxiety. It worked and by the time he left Pathway he was employed at a job, which he has kept. It wasn't with plants, but I am proud of him and all the students who learn a thing or two about being a worker while being in horticulture.

I am proud that through our hard work, we have been able to sell veggies and herbs at a low cost to members of the Pathway community. I try to see this as a benefit to my co-workers.

I am proud that we do all of this while having fun.

needs: what would make it better---

I am in need of time. When I started the program, all my classes were horticulture classes. Then I was asked to teach a science class. Then I was asked to teach another science class. With the sampling class taking another spot, I am now down to three horticulture classes and the students in the functional academic classes do not get the time to be in horticulture as they did before the changes. It is true that opportunities arise in the summer for most of the students on campus to participate in horticulture.

As I write this there are three weeks left in the school year and many activities taking away from time in the garden, so it is clear that my greatest need is time. It is hard to expand the program. It is hard to find room for more students and give them the time they need to succeed. It is hard to help maintain other areas on campus. With time, I could do all these things.


  1. What a wonderful ministry you have there, Wayne! And all while sharing with others the Word. I saw the smile on our leader's face just the other day, a reflection of her heart, as we mentioned the name of a boy in a wheelchair she had taught some years ago and the fact that he was now enrolled in college on a scholarship. They tell me the autistic boy I began with six years ago is now 180 lbs, 6'2", and doing well in school, no valedictorian, but at least being able to socialize with others...

  2. Jim-- being able to socialize is no easy task. good for him.

  3. You have such wonderful work to do!

  4. GG-- it can be seen as a blessing or a good gig.


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