Saturday, May 10, 2008

life, other than craft show mania, returns

After Har Zion, I returned to the things I normally do and it started with work on Tuesday. When I got home I ventured into my garden and blooms were every where. Five flowers including Arenaria montana, sandwort, had blossomed. One of those red wagon perennials I got last fall. The other wort in bloom didn't photograph as well.

I also got back to household tasks, though many more need to be done, but that it always the case. We also got back to updating our ETSY account which had been neglected as we focused on the show.

I got back to reflecting on the life of Jesus, more about that on my next post.

Last night I had time to watch hockey with friends, where at one point she was reading my blog while he questioned me about blogs in general. I found it a bit strange, but this will happen when you don't blog in secret.

Today I had time to make blueberry pancakes with dried lavender, spend time in the garden, take on the hedge that separates my yard from my neighbors (who later on was tending to her red wagon perennials), cut out the pieces of a stained glass which is based on a bird of paradise flower, visit the home of the red wagons, and I had time to listen to some live music... a full life in one Saturday.

The music we saw was Svitanya, which means "the light at sunrise"--- nine women with beautiful voices.  I wish I could have found them singing Shen Khar Venakhi, a Georgian hymn which praises Mary... a translation-- "You are a grapevine in blossom, a beautiful plant in Eden, a fragrant poplar in Paradise. You blessed by God, are a shining sun." It would have been perfect for my gardening workshop. Listen to other, but just as beautiful voices, sing it here.

a day full of blessings, and I didn't even greeting the day with mosaic woman, thai food for lunch, a bachelor's button bloom, listening to jazz while getting caught up with the budget (well semi-caught up), lentil soup for dinner, and the bandage that came in handy when I was cutting glass, and the crazed cats for stopping their angry chase, as they ran in my direction while I was on the ground gardening.

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