Tuesday, May 20, 2008

helping the economy

As we parked, I said, " so the rules are..."

well, it came down to a list of behaviors that annoy us when we are in our booth. The biggest rule was not being a big tease.

Well, I am sure the good folk in DC wanted us to pump money into the crafter economy and thus we headed into the 10th Annual Tile Festival at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Doylestown, PA.

first we decided to buy something bigger than we normally would...

art tile made P (squared) Ware in Downingtown, PA by Patricia Brown Tolton

then these squirrels caught our eye...

art tile made by sligo creek tile co. in Takoma Park, Md. by Linda and John Hume

Then Mosaic woman thought she needed something for her studio...

art tile made at Clay Rat Studio in Souderton, PA by Eric C. Boynton

so I said, "I am going to buy something from that booth," a booth we have entered every year with out buying one thing

Art tile made by Motawi tile works in Ann Arbor, MI


  1. The squirrels made me smile. Those are all beautiful tiles.

  2. All nice pieces of art, Wayne; but now you have me wondering if you live that close to DC. I was stationed up in that area back in the late 60s and have visited it from my late brother's home in northern Virginia several times...

  3. zorra-- the crafter said he had captured the true essence.

    Jim... don't live too close to DC, live outside of Philly.

  4. The beauty of Patty Brown's tiles are a reflection of her intelligent, gentle beautiful spirit that inspires all it touches no matter how briefly or how long ago...

  5. mitten people-- thanks for visiting. We love the piece.


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