Tuesday, August 19, 2008

fortune chocolate

The inside of the wrapper that had been surrounding the Dove chocolate said... "Laugh, Laugh, then Laugh some more."

My friend at work who provides me these daily treats and who thinks its important to read the messages, I tend to forget, gets to hear about six of my friends. For as soon as I read that message, I thought of where I would be eating dinner later that evening.

But first there were veggies to roast and timing was right. I still had a handful of tiny red onions and there were now plenty of patty pans, zucchini, peppers, green beans, and there was one ripe eggplant.

There are private and public blogs, but like most things that us humans try to categorize there are many shades of grays. I don't really try to hide my identity here, but my reported introverted nature keeps me from advertising to folk I know, but I do. But let an extrovert know, and others will find out, so all who were gathered to eat last night know about this, and may read this.

One is tired of my thoughts on a certain food product, so why go there.

My not so serious business idea that got enthusiastic sarcasm from one friend, got us "what is wrong with our husband looks" from our lovely wives. But that is a common event.

What is important is that these good folk bring laughter to my heart and so I may live an extra day or two.

I met them all at my church, a place that pulled me in because of their banners caught my eye...
a sermon, inspired by Monty Python, was to be given. In my childhood house laughter did not roll forth since emotions were held at bay, but I have memories of watching those British comedians with my dad when I was rather young. I imagine seeds of laughter being planted. I don't laugh very often, but like I said, when I read my chocolate fortune, I knew it got my future correct.

To think the place where I worship had that banner makes me have many emotions. Times change, that is for sure.


  1. They passed out Dove candy bars to all on that first "day before the kids get there" meeting at school. I brought several home to my wife, but didn't know somewhere within the wrapper was fortune cookie wit. Then, again, your particular bit of wisdom gained sounds little like what I break open after my Chinese dinner every Sunday...

  2. Jim-- thanks for another laugh. The cookies are made in the states for folk like us.


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