Thursday, August 14, 2008

gray haired guy

Looking at myself on the big screen, I was amazed at how the camera had really changed my hair to being quite gray. Oh well.

It was a video highlighting the clubs at my school this past summer. For years I have run a horticulture/cooking club and there I was twice in 20 seconds telling one individual student to stay away from the lavender brownies. Then asked what my objective was, I heard myself say something about food and being adventurous. I have created a mass of people who love lavender in brownies.

Today it was blue potatoes from the garden combined with our garlic and green beans. The student who loved the brownies was hesitant but was also begging for a green pepper (to eat raw). So I told him to eat a blue potato.

Tonight sitting at Umai Japanese Restaurant (another cool thing about Lansdale, PA), I got my payback. We chose to get sushi and Mosaic Woman was not in a decision making mood, so looking away from the menu, I said "3, 7, 8, and 10." And they were all made with raw fish, which we don't do. Number 10 was axed for a veggie option but we went for it. How could the man who forced blue potatoes into the mouths of his students not eat some raw fish. I figured it was most likely safe for I had heard few stories of sushi deaths, except for that one fish.

The last time we were at Umai I actually talked to the folk after being handed Kosugai Flower's Kiss Candy. I found this rating of its texture---
Texture: Flower's Kiss is a round hard candy that's a little bit bigger than Starburst hard candies. Be careful not to cut or puncture your mouth on the shards if you bite down on the candy. Rating: 5 out of 10.
Anyway I asked about the flowers and they knew nothing, just as much as I know after a quick web search. The staff at Umai were intrigued when I told them about cooking with lavender. I do need to let them become part of the grand adventure and stop by the next time I have some brownies.

Maybe my desire to pass on my passion for food will make me immortal, I don't know what else will. Surely not my garden for I am sure one day nature (or bulldozer) will win back the land. However, the joy of eating lavender in brownies, that should last for ever. Looking at that old guy on the big screen, well he looked old anyway with all that gray hair, maybe it is time to really get serious about becoming immortal. Or maybe keep living in the moment and see where that takes me and those who happen to come along.


  1. A teacher has a very important job, as I'm sure you know. Good for you for sharing your passion for life, and good food with the kids.

    I've never tried sushi, never will - I don't do raw fish or raw meat!

  2. garden girl-- Thanks for stopping by. as for the future, who knows what you will truly never do.

  3. I have the same bizarre problem with cameras and mirrors -- they think I look like someone else!

  4. GG-- two comments and both from GG's. Anyway, if I catch my eyes in a mirror these days, I tend to smile. I heard that adds years to one's life.


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