Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ending avoidance, avoiding distraction

It is finished....

after weeks and weeks of avoiding, I finished the project without a hitch on the 9th, delivered it to the purchaser on the 16th. It was nice having it about for a week. Here are two views (click to see larger).

So what are the props to get them up to window level, you ask? On the right is my New Jerusalem Bible, on the left is The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD. Not a professional photo shoot, but the only place in the house I could get shots of them side by side.

Speaking of avoiding, it looks like we are avoiding the Olympics this week so we can get back to our normal routine which does not include TV. Thus there is more sleep, more reading, more art, and even more time for silent reflection.

Last night I was taken to the parable about taking the log out of your eye before you take the speck out of your neighbors. At school, it is much easier to see the results of a student and staff power struggle, when I am not the staff and when I have admitted to doing the same. So when I see one and want to make comment, it is best to add in that I too have dug in my heels when it was just a matter of thinking I SHOULD have control over the situation.

Well, I have two weeks to relax and do some log removal from my eyes.


  1. Wow! You continue to amaze me with your skills, buddy. Don't think I've been trying to avoid the olympics. I just don't get all that caught up into them to begin with. On the other hand, it has been exciting to catch the news and hear how well Phelps and others have represented us....

  2. Jim--- We hadn't watched a TV program in 1.5 years (at home), so that is what caused the change in life style. As for comment on my skills, I thank you.


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