Sunday, August 17, 2008

more on why we budget

Last September we saw the higher prices coming so we boosted gas and groceries and it looks like we will end the year in OK shape. Our fiscal year begins in September.

The best parts of our budget are (in no particular order) ...

  1. the donations. It keeps us giving to those doing the good deeds of housing folk, feeding folk, finding cures, saving wilderness, providing safe places for boys and girls, caring for folk in emergencies, keeping great art public, and keep my church open ...
  2. the eating out and entertainment funds -- it keeps us under control but enough to enjoy doing things we love doing
  3. the allowances--- If I want to see a movie Mosaic Woman doesn't want to see, or have a lunch out with a friend. If she wants to spend a fortune on yarn or go have Tea with a friend...
  4. the "we know the bills are coming funds." The money is there.. life insurance, car insurance, mortgage payments...
  5. the emergency funds...
  • Ok so the other week I lost a bit of a tooth, the emergency medical fund has the money for a crown.
  • Today when I got home from church Mosaic Woman said, "Did you see my car?" Now last night we were with friends who told a story about a friend who is known to cause a bit of damage to parked cars so I envisioned the whole side of the hybrid torn apart. No, just a flat tire. Take it out of the car repair fund and move on.
I am not so smug to think I have complete control over our finances. I have been laid off from a job, health emergencies much larger than a crown will arrive, and who knows what else will emerge. But it does provide stability of sorts. We can keep making donations week after week, we don't have to not pay off a credit card because the life insurance bills arrived, and there will always be some money to spend on gardening. And yes, with even 3 dollars a pay will lead to a large enough jazz CD collection.

It teaches us to be flexible.

It helps us to live below our means and be comfortable with where that places us. We are lucky to make the money our jobs pay us, but the budget allows Mosaic Woman to work part-time and have time to make more mosaics.

It influences society... well I believe that we vote more in this country with where we spend our money than our brief moment in the ballot box???

I am curious... any other budgeters out there?

OH yeah, I love math, and charts, and graphs and... so it gives me a habit for the geek side of my personality.

And finally, I am the one who resisted doing a budget in the first place when Mosaic Woman thought it would be a good idea. What good could it do?

Oh to be wrong and then to see the light.



  1. Well, there, Oz... you know I am financail planner, right? So I know budget and preach it to my clients.... But what I have found in my professional experiences, is that 95% of the population doesn't budget of any sort.... )Hence, I suspect, why you see 0 comments to date.....) Alas, I like to define my thoughts around money as "respect" of it, not love of it...and therfore, I always pay myself first...everything else comes next.... Most people, I have found, don't respect it or undertand how it works, or pay themselves first...they just spend it, cuz it's in their wallet.... Those folks are helping our economy, because the US economy is built on our spending, and not much more.... Oh got me started.....

  2. giggles-- it is about time you showed up. I was one lonely man with a budget. So I got CSmith going on politics and you going on budgets on the same weekend. my job is complete.


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