Tuesday, March 31, 2009


there I was planning out my geology class this morning...

when I was interrupted by a phone call from Mosaic Woman. She was in the ER. Walking from the car to work she took a nasty fall. Good news--- No broken bones in her hand, No loose teeth, No stitches needed where she bit herself, No broken nose. New glasses are in one piece with only minor scratches. Wedding ring taken off before fingers swelled at which point it may have been necessary to cut it off. Good news is that she works at a hospital so she was headed towards an ER when she fell.

However, her hand is bruised and scraped... no knitting. no mosaics. Her upper lip is way swollen, bruised, and scraped. Eating is not easy. She is not excited about her state of being.

Last night at church, three friends and I spoke of our journeys into the sacrament of matrimony. I spoke of how marriage for me was saying my life is not center. I became part of something which made "me" no longer the center of my life.

So today, I cancelled my OT and got her a milkshake from Merrymead Dairy.

I canceled my plans of having dinner made for me, and went out to buy her some requested food.

I canceled my plans for a visit to the gym and walked down town to get some videos from the library and another asked for item from a drug store.

What I don't want to cancel is a really big date this weekend to celebrate 22 years of relating to each other. I am joyful that she is up for the date...

"We" are worth celebrating. Oh, sing it Louis... the song that lifted my spirits on the way to work, on the way home, and again right now... it truly is a Wonderful World.



  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you, bruises and joys both being part of it all.

  2. I wish Mosaic Woman a speedy recovery and a Happy Anniversary to you both.


  3. May the bruises fade, and the love not!

    Thanks for a lovely reminder about what it means to be married...

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Very sweet. give MW my best for a speedy recovery?

  5. I hope MW feels better very soon - big ouch. Enjoy your upcoming celebration. Happy Anniversary!

  6. All--- she is less puffy, but a still sore all over.

  7. A wonderful world--yes, it is. Happy Anniversary to you both, and I trust that MW will recover without any difficulty.

  8. Happy anniversary! Take good care of MW, Wayne. Beth and I will celebrate our 45th in a few weeks....

  9. Zorra and Jim--- thanks for the best wishes. Mosaic Woman is recovering.

  10. Happy anniversary, my friends. My prayers are with MW for a speedy recovery. Today I got the stained glass that my good friend bought me- thank you for your beautiful work. Maybe I will paint my house around the colors:)

  11. I was reading Tolstoy last night and loved this line, spoken by a happily married man to the bachelor (who was having the affair with Anna Karenina). . ."Believe me, in getting to know thoroughly one's wife, if one loves her, as some one has said, one gets to know all women better than if one knew thousands of them." My best to you and Mosaic Woman, have a great weekend celebrating!

  12. Joy... maybe M and I need to sell paint with our craft work to save people the hassle of buying it later.

    Ruth--- wonderful quote, it was received as a gift.

    Blackswamp Girl--- howdy. thanks for the smile.

  13. Search you soulmate……..


    “Your Journey Towards Marriage Begins Here…”


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