Wednesday, May 13, 2009

constructive criticism and success

I got juried (just by all that hair on my chinny chin chin) and I got some helpful words from a good friend about how to improve my craft, especially if I ever want to get juried into the state guild. It also showed I have an accurate idea on the strengths and weaknesses of my craft work.

and dig this... I got 16 flowers (not counting weeds) blooming in my yard. including the first Bachelor's Button for the year...


  1. Excellent on both being accepted and the flowers.

    What would be an advantage of being in the state guild?

  2. Good for you, my friend. And I think that's the first Bachelor's Button I have ever seen.....

  3. All-- thanks. I think what I feared most was, if rejected, a friend would have had to tell me. I feared placing him in that position.

  4. yee haw! Extra celebratory beer on the porch for you tomorrow!


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