Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey! Don't touch that piano...

.... and while your at it, get out of that stained glass studio"
inspired by Joe Jackson's song, cancer listened to while soldering, with mask.
I dig that piano solo, can we say "seeds to loving jazz."



  1. I'd never payed attention to the words before. No clue...thanks for clue-ing me in.


  2. Love Joe Jackson! Although a few to many friends have been through cancer recently to enjoy that song as I once did.

  3. Daisy--- can't say how many listens it took for me to hear the man sing out those words before launching into the solo. when I heard it, I surely smiled.

    Kathryn--- yes, I had those thoughts myself, but the message of loving life over fear of cancer is what I wanted to get across.


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