Thursday, May 21, 2009

groups keeping me centered

It is hard to be a spiritual slug when you got...
  • a small but ever wonderful group of blogger friends who write about the journeys in which they have ventured and stumbled.
  • three good friends (CS, SK, and CM), who every time I let my hectic life drag me away from our Monday night gatherings at church, pulled me back. and being the one who picked the topics, they kept turning to me to schedule a Monday gathering.
  • four good friends who showed up once a month and shared silence and our voices at a Quaker Meeting House. I spoke last Friday about the pain of leaving a church where three members of the group have had positive experiences over the last 9 months. I imagined reconciliation. Is that the first step?
  • a church down the street filled with folk who greet me so so friendly.
  • a group of Rochester musicians called Margaret Explosion whose local newspaper says this... "The Margaret Explosion's music is infinite, eternally elegant, and mystical. Their esoteric wonder paints pictures in my head nonstop." - Frank DeBlase - Rochester City Newspaper.

    anyway there I was at the YMCA the other week, my mind racing, and this song floated into my ears. I walked laps hitting repeat, hitting repeat, hitting repeat. I walked and I fell into a good place. Click here if you have 3 minutes and 22 seconds to see what Frank and I are amazed by...



  1. I sure liked the 30 seconds of the Margaret Explosion that I was able to hear.


  2. This band is amazing and has been kicking around Rochester in various forms for more than 20 years. I enjoyed that song!

    So true that the groups in our lives are essential to keeping us on track. You helped me get to centering prayer on Monday and I had a better week because of that.

  3. Daisy--- sorry about the 30 seconds. LastFM does that to me with some songs, but I thought if I got the full song everyone did???

    Kathryn--- I was wondering if you knew of them, glad you have.

  4. Interesting: I closed my eyes and, in listening to your music, could almost see myself in two different places at the same time...walking in daylight along some high bluff overlooking a river winding its way through a valley below..walking at night down a quiet, wet, lantern lit city street.

    You surprise me with your mention of Quaker meetings. I've never been to such a gathering, but did follow another friend's blog for quite some time who made me wish to experience one. If there's any such outreach here in this area, I know nothing of it....

  5. Jim--- glad you got to hear and enjoy the song. I've wanted to add it to a post since I heard it that night.

    the meeting house... I have done many a thing there... group spirituality, enjoy coffee house concerts, teach herb workshops, ... but I have yet sat through one of their worship services. SE PA is a hot bed of Quakers.

  6. I really liked that song. Need to learn more about that group.

  7. Beryl-- don't know much about them, but do own the CD which the song is on.


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