Saturday, October 31, 2009

directional praying WS gets me oriented yet again

Recently my parents bought a very special stained glass. It was one in a series of projects that emerged from my friends (and amazing retreat leaders) Wanda Schwandt and Suzanne Halstead who take me into deeper places and then say, "now draw it (or paint it or collage it)" Then I come home and imagine it into glass. The first link shows how they inspired a water color which became the stained glass project in my parent's condo.
Two weekends back while at the Walking With God retreat, I signed up for Wanda's workshop. She taught us a prayer which got our bodies into motion. A series of movements that began facing east, then south, then west and then north. Then she set us free to do it our own pace. Then set us free to play with colors on paper.
When I prayed in silence I found ..
  • the hope for new beginnings to the east
  • the warmth of healing to the south
  • the gift of color to the west
  • the pain of suffering to the north

then I played with colors. We all played with colors as we drew mandalas. then most shared our journey and drawing with each other

  1. East became green
  2. south became yellow
  3. north was blue
  4. west was orange

what happens when a round curvy mandala is transformed into 61 straight edged pieces of glass inside a square. Now use your imagination... if the pieces were foiled, then soldered, then held up to the light... soon you won't have to use your imagination


  1. Just finished a post on "Spelunking" and remain amazed at the beauty that comes forth out of the "inner man" that is you...

  2. Jim--- you are generous with your words my friend

  3. Living Water in Dry Places is wonderful! I look forward to seeing how this piece turns out.

    I too enjoy exploring various forms of prayer. The combination of prayer, movement, and art appears to work well for you.

  4. Kathryn--- thanks. movement is the one I turn to the least.


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