Saturday, October 10, 2009

return to coming by sorrow

not sure why Julie Miller's tune has been in my head this week, but it has.
Maybe it is feeling lost at work when it comes to having any clue as to how to help some "challenging" students.
Maybe it my own past creeping into my subconscious.
Maybe it is reading and listening to stories of friends, who have emerged and/or are emerging from sorrow.
Yesterday driving home from work, I fell asleep behind the wheel for an instant. The car and I were not moving at the time (stopped by a commuter train crossing the road). Last night I so wanted to pass out and sleep but needed some info. Annoyed by no response from an e-mail and no response from a phone message, and by the lack of info given by a friend on the phone... I got dressed and walked a short distance to get the info during which time I cared less about hiding my annoyance. Tonight I will be with these friends and that is the info I had been searching for...

because I did desire to see them, but apparently not last night.
More than ever I am feeling the energy drain from my job. Maybe I needed to remember how I have emerged from sorrow. Some of the photos chosen to go with this song I could live with out, others resonate in my heart. Like Julie Miller and many others, I have come by way of sorrow...


  1. Thank you for the comment about the images! It's a wonderful song but I would've been turned off by some of them and your comment allowed me to revel in those I enjoyed and ignore the rest.

    It sounds like it was a rough week and you were Friday tired. I hope you find some respite on this long weekend to rest, relax, and rejuvenate for the coming week. I'm very glad that you were stopped during the sleeping behind the wheel part of your commute. Scary stuff!

    I hope your visit tonight with friends was good!

  2. Kathryn--- glad you liked the song. did get 9 hours of sllep Friday night, but no long weeekend for we are residential in part and there is no day off from school between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. long stretch.

    had a great time with the friends last night

  3. Wow! No wonder you are so stretched at school! This has been a four day weekend for me, the second since August if I remember correctly (the other may have been only three). I was here last night, but found myself not so much "numb" in my thoughts as what you say here having the wheels in my head turning. It is so easy to find ourselves fatigued, questioning ourselves and circumstances around us. It is good to find Him at the well, in the midst of your glass, your songs, and the strength you and your wife bring to each other. The road is weary. He is with us as we go....

  4. I will be glad you have a four day weekend. I will give myself some long weekends soon, but they will involve craft shows. The road is weary, but also uplifting. thanks for the visit.


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