Sunday, October 18, 2009

the last 6 weeks led to a walk....

I was home from the retreat that took weeks to blog about and someone said to me, "this place sucks the life energy out of us." I let that seep into my being.

Over the past 6 weeks I have convinced myself that I was toast, and maybe I was. I wrote two IEP's got a physics and a zoology class up and running, and watched the vegetable garden at the school fade away from summer. I entered too much data into a computer. And I was at a loss as to help my ever challenging students. Having fun in my classroom and teaching the subject at hand was not enough. I wanted to see behaviors that held them back vanish into thin air.

At home Mosaic Woman and I took a long drive to see glass sculpture, a shorter drive to see quilts, and moderate drives to hear two jazz concerts. We lived through a major disappointment in her life. I forgot to go to Monday adult classes at my church. I wrote a news letter for Nutmeg Designs and tried to keep up with my friends on-line as my own blogging slowed.

I did not forget that I had come home 6 weeks ago wanting to take God into my glass studio. I cut out pieces for two collaborations. Designed a piece for a school auction. Was commissioned to create a piece that will or has flown to Rome where a design in my head will be transformed into a gift at an ordination. I put a cross in my window and made four more. I made a Dr. Ed Mandala that even impressed me and tomorrow I will hand it to a friend who wants to buy it sight unseen. I have returned to the green vine design as well as a few of my star designs while also designing a 4 pointed star that has 8 pieces. In all 15 pieces have been made, two pieces repaired and a 16th is halfway is cut out.

And the whole time I knew that I had a retreat planned. I forgot what it was about, who was leading it, and when it began and ended. But I knew that on Friday the 16th, I would leave work to go Walking with God, and so I did. and I talked about being called into my studio...


  1. The flames head to Rome on Wednesday...

    Peace be with you!

  2. Sounds to me like God is very much involved in all you do. Even the Lord once noted he had no place to lay His head and rest. Fatigue and contemplation, ups and downs, all just part of the journey. The well remains faithful and will find you as you go.

    And I actually know what an "IEP" is!

  3. Beautiful glass pieces. I hope the rest of it gets easier as you settle into the new school year and the pace of gardening slows! Your students are lucky to have you as their teacher.

  4. We miss you on Monday nights.

    Saw some really beautiful stuff today. Don't tell Mark, but I added another mosaic woman piece to my collection. And a really funky knife and a cool wooden spoon. Saw some amazing stained glass...and almost had a heart attack when i realized the necklace I wanted was $225. I put it back and got the earrings instead.

  5. Michelle-- thank you so much.

    Jim--- given the choice of a dead animal hidden in my car and an IEP... I would really want a third choice ;')

    Kathryn--- easier, hmmm I guess all things are possible ;')

    msklem--- who knows, maybe you will see me tomorrow night.

  6. Haven't been by in ages...reminded to visit by a joyous meetup with Michelle Friday night during a conference at Villanova.

    As always your process and your writing about it are powerful and a gift on my own journey. Rejoicing with you and grateful for your sharing.

  7. Enjoy this productive period and be fruitful.... These are beautiful!!

  8. Wow, Wayne, gorgeous pieces. It's been a busy time for you, hasn't it?


  9. Sophia--- so nice to reconnect. Thanks for your kind words.

    Giggles--- tis a joy

    Daisy--- Thanks. busy but generally good!


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