Sunday, November 8, 2009

3 mosaic crosses

Mosaic Woman is off with a friend to see the craft show where we left the crosses last weekend. If they have not sold, they will be in Doylestown, PA till Wednesday. 25% of all sales at the Lydia Guild show will go to some wonderful charities.

If for some reason they are not bought there, then here is where we will be taking our mosaics and stained glass art in the future. can't come to a show, come to ETSY to buy our craft.


  1. Are any of those places anywhere near Pittsburgh?

  2. would you buy me a coffee if I deliver?

  3. Wayne,
    Those crosses are beautiful. Mosaic Woman does gorgeous work.

    I'm with you on that Hurt video, definitely one raw piece of film and sound. Painfully honest.


  4. two small ones sold fast. big one has many admirers but not takers as of yet.


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