Thursday, November 12, 2009

Johnny Cash appears hurt this time...

two blog posts back I ended with a Johnny Cash video. Johnny is a young man with a hit song and adoring fans. His body does not match up with his lyrics.

years later after June Carter Cash died, Johnny looks a bit different. This is one of the saddest videos I have ever seen. Years back I came home from seeing the movie Crash and feeling a need to release the sadness it had instilled in me, I turned to Hurt...


  1. Crash....great movie. This powerful.

  2. I didn't see the movie, but have heard him sing this once before. It seems to pour right out of his heart and says it all.

    Beautiful work with the mosaic crosses in the last post, Wayne...

  3. I've lost my satellite reception (we had to replace our roof after a gale) and land line makes the download impossibly slow. Once the satellite people get here, I shall be better at keeping up.

  4. On Gannett's blog, you wrote that you missed Oregon. Long ago, we lived in Newport and later in Corvallis. But we've been in TX a LONG time.

  5. Giggles-- yes

    Jim--- Margaret did amazing work on those small wooden crosses which were found in a Mennonite thrift store

    Beryl... hope things have gotten fixed

    Jan--- we lived in Eugene for three years, between MA and IL.. now settled down in PA. the journey was well worth it.


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