Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 photos, 3 thoughts on craft shows

This is how our booth looked Saturday morning just a few minutes before we opened to the public at the North Penn show. Some of the items found their way out of the show in the hands of admiring new and old fans. People, who we had not know, and people, who I have known for years, ended up buying our fine craft. By the end of the day the vibe was good... Lots of people buying handmade for the holidays.
Our five straight weekends with shows... three remaining. Mosaic Woman has been busy maintaining our upcoming shows at her website (how things change for now she blogs more than I... I have taken on the role of tweet master)
some thoughts...
an amazing young girl at our Lancaster show who wanted everything in the booth, but her mom refused to max the credit card, was disappointed when they returned to our booth for her favorite piece was gone. At one point, she pulled out a sticky note wrote down her first name and handed it to me. "Here is my business card." So many friendly folk enter our lives by letting them enter...
much joking with Mosaic Woman with sports analogies. How does one put ones "game face" on at a craft show? I would imagine smiling helps. As things lagged into the late hours of a show, I remembered my spiritual director tell me to do many moments of breathing to center myself. Be aware of anger rising or boredom emerging. I am imaging myself being mindful and taking a breath to fill myself with the spirit so I can have my game face on all the time.
Often folk tell us of how they have worked with glass or know someone who has worked with glass. Then walk away. How cool was it on Saturday to have a friend tell of his daughter, who works with glass, and then he bought a mosaic to give her for Christmas. It was an off center log cabin design which Mosaic Woman calls asymmetric.


  1. I really like the circular mirror and the spiral pieces in the booth photos.
    I also enjoyed what you said about focusing on your breathing when angry or bored. I never thought about that for reenergizing myself during a show. I'll have to try and remember for next year!

  2. Wendy--- you may be the first person to come from Twitter and leave a comment... how cool is that. Thanks. Those pieces tend to catch the eye of folk at shows.

  3. Nice looking displays, Wayne. You've had me a bit worried with the long silence, thinking maybe the job was giving you grief in some way. Good to know you and your wife are just out enjoying life.....

  4. Jim--- thanks for putting it that way... "out enjoying life" in the hectic flow one can forget from time to time that it really is a hoot.

  5. Wow, you guys have been busy. Wonderful stuff!



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