Saturday, July 3, 2010

celebrating one year... The Lansdale Farmers Market turns one

Margaret and I packed our car and drove less than a mile this morning to sell our wares at the Lansdale Farmers Market. Have you been there?
It is all about getting to know a farmer or two or three...

eating local...

eating with the season...

But it is also about locally made wine, soap, coffee, baked goods, and cupcakes...


and of course locally made crafts... That would be us. We had a great day and look forward to being back with our craft on the first Saturday in August. What a wonderful feeling it was to be in our hometown today.


  1. Great pictures from the previous post, Wayne, and the market looks a great place to visit....

  2. Jim, we are blessed by all the hard work done by a small group of folk who made the market come to be

  3. I love the photos, and I am a real fan of farmers' markets. The Bryn Mawr one features crafts once a month...I bought a lovely hand spun, hand dyed hank of yarn to knit with a few weeks back, and beeswax candles that gently scent my prayer space (where Margaret's mosaic still hangs). To say nothing of the cheese!!!

    Maybe you will come once to our market?

  4. Michelle... can you send me a link


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