Sunday, July 3, 2011

7 for the weekend: Watching, Praying, and sitting still at Longwood Gardens

As Holy Week unfolded, the sign up sheet for Holy Trinity's 24 hour prayer watch slowly filled in as I waited. When one time slot was left I filled in my name and then realized I would be at Longwood Gardens with a friend, Paul Grecian. Well, Paul had no problems filling an hour with his camera as I headed off to pray with succulents. For an hour I sat on a boulder. Here are seven images that came from the one spot:

47  270/365  The Watch 1

47 281/365  The Watch 2

47  282/365 The Watch 3

47  295/365  The Watch 4

47 300/365  The Watch 5: watching myself

47  304/365  The Watch 6: up

47  309/365 The Watch 7


  1. Nice captures, Wayne. I particularly like the reflective self-portrait :^)

  2. Valerie--- so many layers of reflections going on in that photo that I couldn't start to explain. Thanks. It truly was a reflective photo.

  3. Have you ever had so many thoughts go through your head, you can't think of how to tell any of them? The spot for the vigil is lovely. It beats any around here I've sat in for an hour. I love the way you found so much in just the one spot. So often people look at a place and just see "it" without seeing all of it. (I hope that makes sense.) I was really struck by the one of you studying your reflection. It looked like there were pieces, sort of, almost like a crystal, multiple mirrors, or puzzle pieces maybe. There is the one you, but also echoed.

    And the pictures are just simply beautiful. :-)

  4. "Pray with succulents." I like that idea. We visited a garden near Gainesville recently, and one of my favorite spots was the rock/dry garden. If not for my companions hurrying me along, I would have tarried a bit. The heat was getting to them, but I hardly noticed it.

    Your reflective pic is wonderful, by the way.

  5. Kwee Gal--- thoughts fly into and out of my head so fast I can't keep up on a good day. Thanks for sharing your kind thoughts.

    Walker--- I knew it was the space I wanted to be before setting out to Longwood Gardens. It wasn't quiet or full of solitude, but it called to me as a special space.

  6. Beautiful! Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)


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