Friday, July 1, 2011

Commission: a Butterfly

So I had this thought, "Stratoz, why did you create something that will remind people of so much pain?" and I try to shake it off.

A friend at work told me a story of her friends, who had desired life for their baby. Their story is heart breaking to imagine. My friend said, "There is this poem that has brought them some comfort. I want to give them a butterfly."

The original design was not a mandala, but eventually it became one. This is not a reminder of pain, but a reminder of love and comfort, of friendship, of a God who desires us to be loved and to experience healing. This is what I want to emerge from my studio.

Peace and Hope


  1. This is really pretty. I'm sure it will give comfort to the people you made it for.

  2. I think those are the things that emanate not only out from your studio, but from you as well. I love the butterfly. They always seem so hopeful to me, beautiful and fragile, yet look at how far they travel and the obstacles they overcome on their way. Your creation is beutiful. :-)

  3. That is beautiful and I hope it gives them comfort.

  4. Carrie, Valerie, Kwee, Barbara---

    imagining all of you praying for healing is such a joyful thing. Thanks!.

  5. Gorgeous. Sort of like a rainbow, don't you think? The first rainbow was created after a horrible event. But the beauty of the rainbow and its promise are healing things.


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