Friday, July 8, 2011

on my summer vacation...

On Wednesday I went back to teaching for our six week summer program. My summer vacation was fruitful to say the least.

as I blogged about, we saw 13 jazz sets in four nights in Rochester, then stopped in Corning on the way home.

then in 15 days:

I completed 15 sun catchers including two peace mandalas and finishing this project:

This batch will be for sale this weekend at Tinicum while a nearly identical batch is going across the street to the five families in the row homes that were displaced by a fire. The last family came back after 14 months away. Their restored houses will become a rainbow!

I gave a talk about how my life inspires my stained glass.

I cut out 43 pieces of glass to spell out gentleness. The g took 9 pieces...

47  336/365  G is for...

I designed what will become my first stepping stone. It just may make you wish you had commissioned me.

I cut out half of patience.

I made pizza. and then I made it again.

I ate Ethiopian Food in Philly where I had this view

47  337/365  Inside Almaz (Philadelphia)

I gardened.

I took my mom and dad to a diner where they enjoyed strawberry rhubarb pie.

I had lunch with three different Daves, the first lunch being with a Dave I had never met before.

I chose 15 essays which my English class may just read this summer.

I cut out the pieces to spell JOY for a future mosaic.

I ordered eight jazz CD's with amazon gift money we got from Christmas past.

I enjoyed the fact that Mosaic Woman was home and not working so we had lots of time together.

I dug my life.


  1. Wow. That wasn't just productive; it was WONDERFUL.

  2. I really love the cadence and feeling of this post. Sounds like a some great times!

  3. Robin and Una--- thanks. and you both are right. I just did what I loved doing and it proved to feel wonderful when it was over. Now to continue to live out my life this way.

  4. Sounds like the perfect vacation!

  5. Sounds like a great vacation. I love the sun catchers.

  6. Fulfillment. Ahhh. Working on expressing your passions, and finding inspiration from life to fill up for the next expressions. That's what makes times of vacation brilliant.

  7. Sounds like a great summer. I particularly like that you "cut out half of patience." Now you are only half patient. Some people aren't patient at all so you have the advantage there. But seriously, sounds like a really wonderful summer...half patience and all.

  8. ALL--- 100% patience is where I am at in the studio. The vacation came to a screeching halt as I am 6/17 through a stretch of either teaching or being at a craft show. July 23rd is my next day off. It is not hard to imagine a summer of life at home away from the school. A stretch of cool weather would help.

  9. What lovely Stained are a very busy person...sounds like a great vacation. Too bad were not getting that break in the weather though...yikes!

  10. Tami--- thanks for the visit. The heat is rather viscous right now and is preventing the students and I from being in the garden


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