Thursday, July 28, 2011

update on all those projects

here are updates on four of the projects featured in our video which I posted on Monday.

after ordering a new part for my glass grinder, a very frustrating Sunday evening (which ended with a bandage and no progress), and a dead glue stick on Tuesday... a blue border is taking shape around a future lizard

Mosaic Woman took self-control for a ride in our back seat to our client/friend, who will add a border and then grout it.

and for the unexpected phone call, Mosaic Woman is off delivering it to the client so it can be gifted tomorrow. We did it!

When Mosaic Woman gets home we plan on gluing down the last name and house number for the mosaic with the askew #7.


  1. Ooooooh, someone I know is getting VERY excited!

    Must feel pretty awesome to be nearing the end of such an incredible stack of work!

  2. Nice job! It's always good to have self control in the car with you when driving.

  3. snowcatcher--- had another productive day in the studio yesterday!

    Barbara--- that is the truth


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