Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look What The Lizard Dragged In

A huge fan of mine, who happens to be Mosaic Woman's mom, saw the lizard and thought...

"cat" "sister" "violet" "Siamese" "birthday" "suncatcher" ... see how six simple thoughts can lead to a commission.

I have considered doing a cat in glass, but always imagined a Stratozpheric take on an Egyptian cat. But the eyes were important to the client and to keep it simple and highlight the eyes I went with the face. The eyes are the blue glass of the sky surrounding the lizard. But the lizard was not done dragging cats from my studio. The scraps left over from the land the lizard lives upon cried out to become a cat itself and so I expanded the suncatcher into a mosaic mandala...

center of a cat mandala

It currently is looking for a new home but seems happy enough hanging out with the rest of our mandalas .

If one can trust tracking info, the Lizard is showing up in Denver today (photos of the finished stepping stone will be shown once Snowcatcher get it). By the way she is on etsy herself!


  1. Magnificent! I never knew a lizard could be helpful in inspiring such a totally different life form!

    Now I can't wait to see what Fed Ex has in store for me!!!

  2. As a cat lover, I really appreciate this piece. Beautiful!!

  3. Carrie--- thanks for stopping by. glad you dig the cat.

    Snowcatcher--- yes, it is time to forget anything we think is true about the inspirational limits of lizards

    Barbara--- thanks! I am fine with cats but my allergy keeps me distant ;'(

  4. I love Mandalas and I love cats...and the colors are just great!


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