Monday, August 1, 2011

The Collared Lizard and Me

Collared lizard
photo by Jimmy Thomas

Can't say I knew much of the collared lizard when my friend sent me some photos and said she wanted a stepping stone. I wanted to say, "No you don't. You want a suncatcher or maybe a mosaic on something light." But she had her reasons why she wanted a stepping stone and clearly it needed to be one to help replace something that did not bring her joy.

I wanted to say, "Surely you could have a local artist do the project and not have to pay the shipping to mail it from PA to CO." But I didn't, so now what was a blank piece of concrete in our video is still a blank piece of concrete.

But on was once my grandma's dresser (which is taking a brief break from the fruits of the spirit) next to that stepping stone is all the glass that is needed for what has become a collared lizard mandala. By Friday bed time the blue border was done and thus the square had an inner circle. Saturday after breakfast, Mosaic Woman and I sat for 45 minutes choosing glass, then she stepped away, and by Saturday bed time the lizard was complete. Sunday morning I posed for my birthday portrait with a sunflower and the glass that would complete the mosaic:

47  365/365  = 48

By the time we left to go out to eat, 12 of the 18 pieces had been removed. When we returned I decided to leave those six pieces for Monday evening. It's Monday evening.

collared lizard stepping stone pieces

Now, all we have to do is adhere it to the stepping stone, grout it, clean it up, and pack it up. Soon my friend, soon.



  1. I really like the green glass that forms its' body. This is going to be a nice piece once it's complete.

  2. Stop making me drool!!!!! Just teasing. I can't wait to put this baby in our garden. It truly will be the jewel of the neighborhood!

    May just have to budget for the matching mosaic and stained glass... ;)

  3. Valerie --- I am down to remnants of the original green glass. Glad I had some left for this project. Going to give all the scraps to Margaret.

    Lynn--- Thanks!

    Snowcatcher--- we are not sure how long it will take to adhere it so we are waiting for this weekend.

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