Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Blogging Mind

Coleus blooms

My blogging mind is a bit like the leaves of this Coleus plant. Coleus leaves tend to rule the day and so it was with my mind and blogging. I would come up with blog thoughts as my life unfolded. Then came Facebook and Twitter and my mind started to think in short thoughts.

The above photo comes by way of my garden and originally the red leaves were still dominant, but then I lowered the exposure as I tweaked it on iPhoto and the blooms popped out. Not what I expected, but did I expect other social media to affect blogging.

Has one social media changed another? Has this happened to you?

Every August I do a computer vacation to cleanse my soul and that will arrive after this coming wordless Wednesday. In September, I am thinking of returning to an a-z theme to get this blogging mind of mine flowing again as it did in April.

We will see. Maybe it will become like this Zinnia jungle...

Zinnia Jungle


  1. Seeing the zinnia makes me think that you could always start with z and work backwards to a ;-) I love the coleus photo, by the way.

  2. Valerie--- Yes, there is no need for any particular order, now is there ;')

    Robin---- glad Facebook has had no affect on you

  3. I don't think that Facebook has hurt my blogging so much as that I have gotten burned out on it. There's so much more... popularity contest... about garden blogging now, than there was when I first started. I miss the interaction part of blogging, and am glad that I still have that with a few select people.

  4. Interesting and compelling to think of a computer vacation. How long will it be for?

    I avoid FB like the plague, I just don't have time for it, with my blog. But after so many wonderful birthday wishes yesterday, which was just great, I think I will at least scan daily for people's birthdays.

    Thanks for your wishes at the blog at for directing me to your Sophia mandala. I also googled '21 attributes sophia' and found your blog post about it. Just beautiful.

  5. Blackswamp Girl--- In the midst of my life I thought about you yesterday and realized I had not been to your blog in quite a while. I have you lumped into "Garden Bloggers" on my reader, which is a rare place for me to visit these days since my "garden blog" has faded away. You need a better place, with that said, I can fix the situation. Thanks for your thoughts and friendship.

  6. Ruth--- there are times I wonder about how much time I spend on FB and other such places. To be honest I entered most social networks to promote our art and it is one reason I still go to them. But the lost friends found on facebook, the beauty found on flickr, the jazz found on twitter, the poems found on blogs ;')... is what keeps me coming back. Thanks for your thoughts about this post. I sent an e-mail about my computer break.

  7. I love the Zinnia Jungle. I have basically had to sort of distance myself from Facebook. I agree it is a lot of a popularity contest. Supposedly it's a place to connect, socialize, get to know your online friends. None of that is what really happens there though. I end up replying to 20 "friends" and get nothing back, maybe one like of my status. Twitter does not seem as snobby. There are people there that will actually interact with you. I'm getting better from my last bout with Depression. But I'm having to rethink some things. I'm about ready to just close the Facebook. I post to my cat blog just a couple of times a week. I'm trying to find the interest to post to my blog. And I have focused on my writing more. On Facebook there was (is) just a plethora of sad news, bad news, and worse. Yes, it really affected me. To the point I'm having to make some changes.

  8. Hello Kwee

    sorry about the delay in responding. I was away on a retreat where I avoid all things computer not just facebook. It sounds like facebook does not bring light into your life, so it seems like your decision to leave it is wise. I am trying to catch up with much and my teaching year begins tomorrow. I will stop by your blog in the near future. Peace and Hope.


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