Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stained Glass Memorial: a special commission

in process: a memorial commission

One of my best friends at work was thrown for a loop not so long ago. It was clear it had been thrown as he spoke to me about the death of a man that had been there many a time when someone needed to be there for his family.

So he asked me to make a gift, a memorial to this man. We talked some colors, but they didn't seem to be well matched for the project. That evening in my studio I remembered a piece of glass that was not needed for a specific project when Mosiac Woman and I gone shopping for commissions, but it spoke loudly to me and came home with us.

I carried that piece of glass to work the next day.

Light will flow through this tonight when I solder these pieces into a whole. Soon people, who loved this man, will experience light shining upon them.

It is not the piece that brings healing. It is the light that shines through it.

May your peace be anchor in stormy tide,
May your hope run like a river that'll never run dry,
May your burdens grow light, may your worries subside,
This is my prayer for you.

May your soul grow deep, may your joy run wild,
May your heart know the face of mercy has smiled,
May your faith come to let you believe like a child,
This is my prayer for you.

This is my prayer for you.

Julie Miller

This is my prayer for you, my friend.


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