Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Fruits of The Spirit Blessing

Inspired by one amazing commission and one beautiful Bible passage...

A Fruits of the Spirit Blessing

May love flow into and out of you as if there is no other reason to be
May your days be filled with people who bring you joy
May there be moments of peace that soothe your soul
May you have the patience to travel without rage
May your heart open to the kindness of others

May our hopes for you settle into your soul with a gentleness that warms your day
May a sense of goodness guide your decisions that unfold you into your destiny
May the wisdom of self-control guide what goes into and out of your mouth

May you experience the faithfulness of one who truly loves you


  1. What a wonderful sentiment! Much appreciated. Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. I love this.

    Where is the labyrinth?

  3. Barbara and Robin, thanks for stopping by. I wrote this for our last newsletter but decided to share it here too. The Labyrinth is in the backyard of the clients/friends who commissioned the project. Sadly they moved to Ohio last week and are trying to sell the house.

  4. Elise--- Happy New Years to you too

  5. That is so beautiful, both the verse and the photo. I loved seeing the setting for the glass in the background!

  6. PS: I just read they have to leave that beautiful creation behind. I bet that was a difficult thing for them! Definitely gives me pause about permanent placement of our Lizard...

  7. Snowcatcher, they will truly miss their labyrinth, but the mosaics of the fruits went with them


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