Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Lyrical Chef Surprises Red and Creates Hope

amber mandala of hope   you will create this, because of this...

You come home and on the porch is a book.  There is no note.  Feel free to wonder why "Sean Scully: Works on Paper" is now in your house.

Go ahead, assume a phone call or e-mail will explain.  But you are left living a mystery.

Then one day, The Lyrical Chef shows up, unexpected as you expect.

He has something to say to you.

"I want a gift for Red.  This is all I ask.  I left a book here.  I want you to be inspired by Sean Scully.  I want something between x$ and y$.  I want it by Christmas.  I want to give it to Red."

You are one who believes that your brain works while you sleep, so you take the book to your bed and you look though it... night after night.  You are trusted to create something.  You are blessed.

Eventually images like this begin to become part of your daily thoughts

But your favorite number is 21, so you imagine this:

7 columns times 3 horizontal boxes


3 horizontal boxes times 7 pieces in each box.

You love Youghiogheny glass and you love your friends... the columns.

For diversity you turn to amber... the boxes.

Now it is Christmas Eve.  You have gotten all other commissions into the hands of the givers, but where is the Lyrical Chef?

The daughter e-mails.  A time is set.  And 20 minutes after the exchange of cash and unexpected sticky buns, you head off to worship with Red, who knows much, but not about this...


and thus there were 14 shades of amber glass sitting on my drafting table which cried out to be something special... 


  1. Thanks Valerie--- it was nice to tell this story, which means it was way cool to live it

  2. It was so awesome to follow along as this piece came to life, and then to see it! Stunning!

    I keep thinking your glass can't get any better, but then it always does!

  3. Di and Snowcatcher--- your stories of lizards and hawks were a wonderful part of 2011. The hawk story still needs to be told.


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