Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bowie unfolds into the Wee Trio

The Wee Trio  ~ Ashes to Ashes
Jazz takes on David Bowie
OK, so I grant that my memory is far from the best, but if it is accurate, one of the first two LP's I bought was by David Bowie.

unfold... while many other LP's were bought by musicians, who fell out of favor, Bowie hung on strong through high school and college.

Unfold... Five months after college I met Mosaic Woman, who was also a big Bowie fan, maybe not as big as her sister, but they both introduced me to gaps in my Bowie collection.

Unfold... years of sharing music and changing taste.  Jazz emerges as our favorite genre eight years ago.

Unfold... Two years ago I went to a convention of science teachers and a buddy of mine from work went as well.  We decided to linger in the big city one evening to hear some jazz, and that is how I heard of the Wee Trio, because they were playing at Chris's Jazz Cafe that evening.

Unfold... A year ago we heard about Kickstarter and started supporting jazz musicians, who were searching public support.  The Wee Trio was there one night when I was seeking for a new project.  They wanted to be funded to bring Bowie to jazz.  We leapt in.

Unfold... Two months ago I see The Wee Trio is coming back to Philly, back to Chris's.

Backup--- A year ago when slashing our budget to make way for Mosaic Woman to quit unemployment/job search and focus on our business, I made a new line item: 

After we subtracted the following from our monthly art sales, if anything was left we would put a portion of the money into a BIG DATE FUND.

  1. expenses
  2. taxes
  3. what was needed to keep a balanced budget 

Unfold... Thursday night we saw the Wee Trio play originals, standards, and of course... Bowie.

Backup--- First I said hello to them.

I am so glad my life unfolds into space and time and jazz and Bowie

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